What is Human Ecology?   Leave a comment

“The science of ecology cannot be advanced without improving our
understanding of human-environment interactions.”

Human Ecology is an interdisciplinary science that explores the interactions of human and ecological systems.  It is also an applied science that seeks to employ our understanding of human and ecological systems towards sustainable stewardship of the biosphere.

The Human Ecology section of the Ecological Society of America seeks to build a community of people who think about how nature and culture are linked. We host a symposium each year at the ESA annual meeting and seek to continue the discussion year-round here on the website. In addition, we host an informal happy hour and co-host a mixer with sections related to human ecology. We encourage all ESA members to become a member of the section and join in!

This year’s theme of Planetary Stewardship makes explicit the need to recognize humans in nature as society moves towards sustainable practices. Check out current and past presidents’ call to steward.

If you want to join us or have questions, please email info@esahumanecology.org!

Join the ongoing discussion!

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