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Chair: Rob Dyball – Australian National University, rob.dyball at anu.edu.au

Vice Chair: Erle Ellis – University of Maryland, Baltimore County, ece at umbc.edu

Chair Emeritus: John Anderson – College of the Atlantic, jga at coa.edu

Secretary: Yogani Govendar – University of Puerto Rico, yoganig at yahoo.com

Outreach Coordinator: Amy Freitag – Duke University, amy.freitag at duke.edu

Founding members of the section, Milwaukee 2008

Bylaws of the Human Ecology Section
October 2, 2007

Article 1. NAME. The official name of this section shall be "The Human Ecology Section of the
Ecological Society of America."

Article 2. PURPOSE. The objectives of the Section shall be to encourage cross-disciplinary
research and publication in areas relating to the interface of humans and the environment and to
explicitly encourage linkages between practicing scientists and researchers in the social sciences,
arts and humanities. The Human Ecology Section shall be a subdivision of the Ecological
Society of America and shall be governed in all its operations by the Constitution and Bylaws of
that Society.

Article 3. MEMBERSHIP. Any member of any class of the Ecological Society of America may
become a member of the Human Ecology Section by payment of Section annual dues.

Article 4. OFFICERS AND ELECTIONS. The officers of the Section shall be a Chair, a Vice-
Chair, and a Secretary. Any member in attendance at the annual meeting shall be eligible for
nomination as an officer. Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of members attending the
annual meeting. Terms for all offices shall be one year and officers may be re-elected for one
additional term; individuals may not hold the same office for more than two successive years.

Article 5. DUTIES OF THE CHAIR. The Chairperson shall preside at the business meeting of
the Section, authorize expenditures of Section funds, appoint committees as deemed necessary
for specific tasks, work with the chair-elect and the ESA Program Chair in devion's participation
in the annual meeting, and generally promote the interests of the section. The Chair shall
represent the Section at the Council of the Society, and shall appoint committees as required to
promote the interest of the Section. Such committees shall serve until October 1 of that year and
may be reappointed at the discretion of the Chair.

Article 6. DUTIES OF THE VICE-CHAIR. The Vice-Chair shall arrange the scientific program,
including the field excursions, for all meetings of the Section and shall assume the duties of the
Chairperson whenever that person is unable to act.

Article 7. DUTIES OF THE SECRETARY. The Secretary shall keep the records of the Section,
including a current membership and mailing list. The Secretary shall edit a newsletter for
communication of the Section activities and report on the activities of the Section annually in the
BULLETIN of the Society.

Article 8 WEBSITE AND WEBMASTER. The Section will maintain a website within the ESA
website. A Webmaster shall be appointed by the Chair, and shall promote the section's interests
through maintaining and updating the Section's web page, including notices of meetings, minutes
of past meetings, the purpose of the section, and incorporating other topics as directed by the
Section and its Officers.

Article 9. FINANCES. Necessary expenses of the Section shall be paid from the treasurer of
the Society, but in no year shall the total expenses of the Section exceed the sum of any amount
allotted for this purpose in the annual budget of the Society plus the amount, if any, collected
as dues by the Society on behalf of the Section. No officer or member of the Section shall have
authority to incur expenses in the name of the Section, except as specified above.

Article 10. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. A Section Executive Committee, consisting of the
officers of the Section and the immediate past Chair, may act on behalf of the Section during the
interval between annual meetings.

Article 11. MEETINGS. A business meeting of the Section shall be held at the annual meeting,
and the members present shall constitute a quorum.

Article 12. AMENDMENTS. These by laws may be amended by a two- thirds vote of the
members present at any annual meeting of the Section, provided that notice of the proposed
amendment has been supplied to members of the Section at least sixty days prior to the annual
meeting date.

Article 13. Section Review. The purpose of the Section should be reviewed and renewed every
five years by two-thirds vote of those members present at any annual meeting of the Section,
provided that notice has been given to all members sixty days in advance, or by a two-thirds vote
in a ballot sent to all Section members.

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